Hot Silva Gene & Axel Banks

Fresh from vocational school, 19 year olds Silva Gene and Axel Banks are on their first day as apprentice construction workers. When their boss told them to take a lunch break, they found something better to eat than sandwiches when Silva’s fat, uncut cock found its way down Axel’s hungry throat. Axel slurped down on the big dong while he hauled out and stroked his own throbbing meat. He stands and kisses Silva deeply as they finish underdressing each other and Axel takes his turn on Silva’s equally impressive dick. A fast and furious make out session followed with Axel bending over and backing onto Axel’s cock as Axel thrusted forward, working in every inch of his cock so hard it’s almost impossible to tell who is fucking who. Axel continued as he took a joyride on that cock as they fell into the chair then bent over the saw horse as Silva made his final assault with that horse cock, pulling out to deposit a major load of jizz all over Axel’s face which still dripped off his chin as Axel covered Silva’s pecs with a big hot load of his own. Wonder what they will do on their afternoon break?


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Nicko Morales – I’m dreaming


This week we have a special treat for those of you who appreciate your men with a bit of fur on ‘em. Swarthy Nicko Morales makes his industry debut with us right here on MenOver30 as he takes it all off and shows off what this sexy, 31 year old New Yorker has to offer. Nicko first visited the US as a child but grew up and studied in his native Guatemala, finally moving here after he finished college. He admits he loves his New Yorkers, but misses the warmth of the people he left behind. In Guatemala the people are naturally open and friendlier. It took him a while before he was able to feel that kind of warmth from The Big Apple. New Yorkers can be cliquish? -who knew!? Nicko was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to having sex with men and his first was a personal trainer in his early 20s. Coming to the US after college also made it easier for him to come out seeing as the culture here is more receptive more so than Latin America. When it comes to men he likes men that take care of themselves and are fit. He’s also drawn to white boys and his biggest turn on in another guy is a nice ass. Well, something tells us we’ll get to see Nicko going to town on a hot ass…sooner than later.

Nicko is slowly grabbing his crotch with one hand as he slides his other hand up under his shirt to play with his chest and nipple. He gets comfortable as he lays back and pulls up his shirt to show off his hairy chest. Bedroom eyes and full lips aren’t the only thing in this hotties’ arsenal as we see more of him. He has an intricate sleeve tattoo that covers his right shoulder and bicep giving him a bit of bad boy edge and as he strips off his shorts we get to see that the chest hair is just the tip of the “hair-burg”. He has a rather happy trail that visually leads you south to his hairy bush and thick thighs beyond that. He tugs on his growing cock through his sexy briefs before pulling them off altogether. He keeps his pubes trim but knows better than to shave them off appreciating the fur that came with the packaging. Nicko is uncut and hard as a rock as he stands to stroke his dick for us. He tugs on his foreskin as he teases his throbbing cock a bit before starting to pick up the pace.
Nicko strokes his cock as the camera gets below his hard cock to give us a better view. His cock is wet with precum as he strokes his aching meat. His hand runs all over his chest as he feels himself up while beating off. He then gets back on the couch, spreads those sexy thighs


apart and goes back to jacking that glistening meat faster. He is hard and at attention as he decides to show off that hairy ass. He goes face down on the couch and starts to hump the couch. His ass is framed by his sexy tan lines. Someone wears Speedos at the beach. Hmmm. He has a hot bubble ass and as he grinds his hips we get a preview of what that ass would look like once he slips that hard cock inside a willing hole. Once he’s done teasing us with the goods he has no intentions of having us sample he gets back on his back and starts to stroke again. His breathing is heavy and his fist becomes a blur as he feels the impending orgasm brewing in his tight nut sack. He plays with his taint as he jacks off and it does the trick sending his nut shooting all over his furry navel. Who knew all that Guatemalan-ness could be SO damn hot!?

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Cole Streets and Chris Cox: two aching desires


This week we have two of our favorites that haven’t had a chance to work together. Well once East Coast meets West, we have a feeling that having this much dick in a room won’t be a bad thing. All the way from the West Coast, from the city that brought us the fortune cookie and denim jeans, Cole Streets is in the house. For those of you unfamiliar with this taller than usual drink of water, 6’5″ Cole is 33 and lives in the City by the Bay, San Francisco. Cole’s partner hasn’t been in the industry as long but his fan base of big cock aficionados is, shall we say, growing. Chris Cox is here representing the 305. Once you’ve seen 26 year old Chris out of his clothes, it’s gonna be hard to forget him or that thick 9″ Cuban cock he’s packing. Not that any of you are size queens, but we’re sure you can be impressed. We asked these studs which country has the hottest men. They both agree on Brazil. We followed up that question with which country boasts the biggest cocks. Cole blushes, “Wherever this one’s from”, as he points in Chris’ direction. Cuba wins the big pinga competition. All this talk about big dicks has Cole restless; so it’s best we stop the small talk and bring out the big guns.

Chris is filling out his model application when Cole comes in and introduces himself and starts to fill out his own. Cole asks Chris which site he’s shooting for and once he hears its EBD he gets curious about the equipment he’s packin. “So what constitutes an Extra Big Dick?” Cole grins as Chris leans back and shows off his growing bulge. Well Cole wasn’t asking for a proper invitation-but that’ll do. He grabs Chris hard cock as he goes in for the kiss. They start to make out as Cole fumbles with Chris’ pants wanting to get at that dick. He opens wide and deep throats as much of that dick as he can as Chris watches. Chris’ cock is rock hard in no time as Cole chokes on it getting it nice and wet. He savors every inch of that Cuban anaconda getting it as hard as possible before getting up to give Chris something to chew on. Chris gets right to it as he swallows every inch of Cole’s meat. “It’s not as big as yours, but it’ll do, right?” Cole grins as Chris gets that clean-shaven face fucked deep. They take turns working on each others thick cocks til Cole’s tongue discovers Chris’ hot ass. He gets to work eating that hot ass out getting it nice and wet…and ready?

Chris is moaning as that tongue gets replaced by Cole’s hard cock. He slides that thick dick deep into Chris as Chris jacks his own. “Fuck that ass” Chris orders as Cole starts to pick up the pace. Cole’s smooth ass bounces in and out of that hot hole as he pounds away. “I love a big dick bottom” he grins as he bounces Chris off his dick. What comes around goes around and now it’s Chris’ turn. He suits up and watches as Cole sits on his fat cock. Cole eases down on that pole as it stretches that chute wide. Chris immediately starts to slam his fat cock up into Cole. Cole grunts and moans as he begs Chris to fuck him harder. Cole can’t get enough of that thick cock as he starts to ride that dick harder. Chris’ fat dick is slamming into his prostate and he knows it’s only a matter of time before that makes him cum. Cole jacks off faster as he announces he’s gonna cum. Chris pounds that hole harder making Cole shoot all over himself. Chris then gets up and blows his hot batch a! ll over Cole’s face and tongue. Cole’s face is dripping in cum as he grabs Chris’ throbbing cock, aims it at his mouth and sucks the rest of that leche out. Chris’ cock is just like Cuban coffee…its good to the last drop.

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Brant Disckson and Connor Maguire – ‘Fuck my Ass’

Brant Dickson  Connor Maguire gay men over 30 lovely sex 
Brant Dickson is in the house and finally making his debut with us. Brant is 30 and originally from California and we’re happy to have him. We’ve decided to pair him up with another California native, Connor Maguire. Connor is 20 and already a fan favorite on our sites. Today Connor will be a MenOver30 by injection. Keeping up with current events, we wondered with the recent passing of Steve Jobs, what Apple device they felt they liked most. They both agree on the iPad as the one device they like the most. iPads can be nice things to save up for so we wondered what else they were saving up for. Brant wants to open his own bar some day so he’s putting away his pennies for that. Connor had been saving up but is now spending it on college courses. Connor is pursuing a degree in Physics. Who knew? We have a smart one. We then asked what kind of men they’re attracted to. Brant likes big, burly men with big asses. Connor likes dining on both sides of the sexual table and finds he is mostly into femme bottom boys but then really loves tall chicks that boss him around.

Gay Men Sex - Brant Dickson andConnor Maguire sucking cock 
They start making out as they get better acquainted. Soon their shirts come off as Connor licks his way south along Brant’s chest until he reaches a bulge in Brant’s shorts. He rubs it for a bit before Brant hauls out his thick dick for him. He immediately takes it into his mouth as he starts to suck on that cock. Brant moans as he grabs Connor’s head and starts bobbing it up and down on his aching dick. Connor sucks on his cock for a while before they go back to making out. As they do, Brant starts to grab Connor’s cock that is tenting his shorts. Connor gets up and drops his shorts as Brant kneels before him. He slides Connor’s thick cock down his throat. Connor gladly helps him out as he guides Brant’s mouth up and down on hid rock hard cock. Brant can’t get enough as he worships Connor’s thick meat, lapping at his balls and making sure to please his new buddy. He then wants more as he bends Connor over and goes to work eating that hot ass of his. He laps at that tight hole before burying his tongue inside it. He shoves his face as deep as he can into that beefy ass tongue fucking that hot hole.
Hot Gay Men Sex - Brant Dickson  Connor Maguire  thick coc fuck that ass 
Connor then returns the favor as he gets Brant’s cock rock hard sucking his cock then eating his ass. Once Brant’s ass is nice and wet, Connor sits back on the chair and has Brant sit on his thick dick. Brant grunts as his hot hole concedes. Once he gets that cock inside he starts to ride it as Connor sits back and enjoys. Brant grinds his hot ass up and down on Connor’s meat then spins around from a reverse cowgirl to looking at Connor without ever coming off Connor’s fat dick. “Fuck my ass!” Brant groans as Connor slams his meat up into that ass. Brant then gets up and kneels between Connor’s legs. He lifts them up and shoves his dick into Connor’s tight hole. Connor grimaces as he does his best to accommodate his new intruder. Brant fucks that ass missionary. Giving it to him deep and hard as Connor strokes his aching meat. Time to flip again as Connor gets to fuck Brant missionary. He slams his dick in fast and hits Brant’s sweet spot making him cum all over his furry navel. Connor isn’t far behind as he pulls out and unloads all over one cum-soaked Brant.

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Gay Men Doc moans in ecstasy being fucked doggy style

Doc Rock and Cameron Kincade are gay men over 30 having lovely sex

Is there a Doctor in the house? This week we welcome back Doc Rock who is looking leaner than usual. Well we’re not about to complain and neither is this weeks new addition Cameron Kincade. Cameron is finally 30 and he’s from Orlando, FL. We’re happy to have him join the club. For those of you unfamiliar with Doc, he’s married and originally from New Jersey. We wondered when the last time these two were caught off guard. Doc was recently caught off guard sitting at a Johnny Rockets on Lincoln Rd, a local pedestrian mall, when a guy walked by wearing nothing but a necklace. Cameron had a similar experience only his involved two naked homeless people going at it behind a dumpster. Orlando is crazy like that. We then asked them where they wanted to retire to since they are already in Florida the Mecca of retirement. Doc wouldn’t mind retiring here while Cameron would be ok here as well if not maybe Hawaii or Fiji. To wrap up we wondered who they’ve most jacked off to fantasizing about. Doc jacks off to many different situations and doesn’t have a favorite. Cameron admits his neighbor across the street mows his lawn without a shirt on and that gets him off plenty.

Strong enough Doc Rock and long dicked Cameron Kincade fucking gay sex

Doc is flexing for Cameron who is admiring his guns and ripped abs. Admiration turns to appreciation as Cameron starts to lick on Doc’s pecs and nips. Doc starts to strip Cameron to see what he’s packing. Cameron’s shirt comes off as Doc starts to lick his smooth, lean frame. They start to make out as their hands explore the other. Cameron slips south as he pulls Doc’s cock out of his briefs and goes to work on it. Doc moans his approval as he helps bob Cameron’s head on his throbbing meat. Cameron is totally into Doc’s defined body and he does his best to make that dick feel good as he kneels to work it some more. They stand as they continue to make out, rubbing their cocks together for a bit before Doc gets on his knees to return the favor. Doc starts to nurse on that meat as it grows in his mouth. Cameron loves the way Doc sucks that hard cock and Doc couldn’t be happier to do it as he shoves that dick so deep it makes him gag on it.

Doc Rock sucks  Cameron Kincade aching dick

Cameron then bends Doc over and gets that hot ass wet as he shoves his tongue inside. He spreads that beefy ass wide as he tongue fucks him deep. Once that hole is nice and wet, Cameron stands and slides his hard cock inside. Doc’s ass gives way as Cameron buries his dick all the way in. He starts fucking that ass doggy style as Doc moans in ecstasy. Cameron looks down and watches as his cock disappears into that muscular ass. He fucks him harder getting that ass used to his hard cock. Cameron then gets Doc in position so he can pile drive that ass. He gets in position as Doc holds his massive legs in the air and starts to bounce up and down into that tight hole. Cameron’s never fucked ass in this position but loves how deep he’s able to shove his cock. He bounces up and down into that hole faster and faster as Doc jacks his hard cock off. As they get closer, Cameron moves them over to the chair where he pounds Doc’s ass missionary making him shoot all over himself. Cameron pulls out and blows his load all over Doc’s cum soaked abs.

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Steven Ponce and Sean XL – “You’ are so big!”

Gay Men Sex  - Sean XL and hot Steven Ponce

Steven Ponce is back this week and we’re always in for a good time with Puerto Rico’s favorite ginger. Steven is 31 and this San Juan native is gonna help us welcome a new face to the site Mr. Sean XL. Sean is 23 and grew up on the outskirts of the Mojave Desert in Victorville, CA. We don’t wanna get ahead of ourselves, but they do call him Sean “XL” for a reason. We asked these boys if they could open a restaurant what would it be and what it would serve. Sean grins and answers “Mrs. Hat’s Pancakes”. Guests would sit stationary while all the servers were on a type of conveyor belt that went around the eatery and serve as they moved around. IHOP meets the airport. Someone’s been giving Mrs. Hat’s some serious consideration. How do you follow that? Give Steven a minute. We then asked them what their first sexual experience was. Steven’s was back when he was 16 with a “cousin”. It was dark and it just kinda happened. For Sean his earliest sexual memory was walking in on his pa! rents.

Sean XL  Steven Ponce -  black gay suckes white gay stiff dick
Steven is up to no good as he pours water all over his shorts. He walks into the next room and asks Sean to lend him his shorts because his are drenched. Sean isn’t buying it as he grabs his mug and pours water all over his own. Getting Sean out of his shorts was easier than expected. Steven kneels to feign his dismay but soon the two are making out hot & heavy. Sean kisses his way south along Steven’s chest as he pulls off his shorts. Steven is hard as Sean pulls his cock out. He starts to suck on his cock as Steven moans his approval. He takes care of Steven’s throbbing meat for a while before he wants some in return. Steven gets on his knees as Sean stands up and hauls out his massive meat. Steven struggles as he tries to take it all in his mouth. Sean’s huge cock is growing by the second and is soon at full mast. Steven can’t get enough of that 9″ cock as Sean starts to fuck his face with it. Steven savors every inch of that uncut cock as he shoves as far as his throat will let him. Do not try this at home. Steven is a trained professional. Sean then gets Steven on his back so he can get a taste of that smooth ass he will soon own. Steven moans and begs for more as Sean tongue fucks his sweet ass.

Sean XL having sex with  Steven Ponce
Once that hot ass is nice and wet, Sean suits up and sits back. Steven straddles him and sits on it. He holds still as Sean starts to pump that fat dick up into his tight hole. “You’re big!” is all Steven can muster to grunt as he gets his tight hole stretched wide. Sean has that ass all loosened up as he starts to grind that dick deeper inside him. Steven then gets on all four as he bends over the couch. His hot ass is up in the air and ready for more as Sean slides his chocolate dick back inside. His balls slap away at that hot ass as he picks up the pace pounding Steven’s hot ass even harder. Sean is all smiles as he looks south and watches his fat dick disappearing into Steven’s hungry hole. Doggy style lets Sean get his dick in deep. From there he gets Steven on his back and gets right back in that hole missionary. He knows this is the position that will send Steven over the edge as he starts to bury his dick even deeper. Steven can’t help but start to jack off as he gets his tight ass nailed. Steven can’t hold back any longer as he explodes all over his chest and abs. Sean in right behind him as he too pulls out and coats Steven’s cum-covered body…


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Cute russian man + strong American gay power

gay strongmen sex - Alessio Romero  Valentin Petrov  kissing passion

Two hot studs debut this week and we couldn’t be happier to have them. Alessio Romero is 37 years old and originally from Mexico City. Alessio is beefy, inked and hairy and today will be playing with one who appreciates all he has to offer. Smooth; a huge uncut cock and rock hard abs are just some of the attributes 33 year old Valentin Petrov brings to the table. This Russian import is definitely one to watch. We asked these studs what their favorite holiday is and where they like to spend it. Alessio loves the Fourth of July and Valentin loves Christmas. They both would want to spend it in New York City. We then asked where they would go if they had a week’s vacation. Alessio would want to go to Prague. Valentin would want to go to Australia. We asked these two studs what they felt they could use help on in the sexual department. They both wish they would take more time doing it giving them more durability. Sex wasn’t meant to be something you have to rush through. When we wondered what they wish other guys were better at. Alessio said kissing and Valentin couldn’t agree more. If the kissing isn’t there it just isn’t happening. Well, lets get these two started…

muscle gay sex - Alessio Romero Valentin Petrov aching dicks inside wet halls
The chemistry is off the charts as they get to it without wasting any time. Alessio calls Valentin over as they start to make out immediately. Their shirts come off as they begin to lick and explore each other’s chests. Alessio licks Valentin’s smooth pecs and works his hairy arm pits as Valentin moans his approval. Valentin then licks his way south til his face is buried in Alessio’s underwear. He hauls out his hard cock before taking it in his mouth. He works that thick cock taking his time as he worships every inch of it. On his knee, Valentin looks up at Alessio making sure he’s doing a good job. Alessio then takes his turn at bat as he gets on his knees and releases Valentin’s thick uncut cock. Valentin is rock hard as he slides his thick dick deep into Alessio’s hungry mouth. Alessio pulls his thick foreskin forward as he shoves his tongue inside it making Valentin squirm. They then stand as Valentin slides Alessio’s cock into his foreskin. Docking never looked so hot and the sight of it makes Alessio hungry for more Russian meat as he goes right back down on Alessio’s thick meat taking it as deep as he can.

muscle gay men sex - Alessio Romero  deep fucking Valentin Petrov gallery
After working that thick cock, he hoists Valentin’s legs up so he can get at that hot ass. He shoves his tongue inside and goes to work eating that hairy hole. Valentin’s cock is rock hard as he gets that ass rimmed. Once it’s nice and wet, Alessio suits up and slides his thick cock inside. Valentin’s ass concedes and is soon taking that dick with ease. Alessio pounds that ass missionary as he watches Valentin stroke his aching cock. They switch it up as Alessio sits on the chair and watches Valentin sit on his dick. He starts to ride Alessio’s cock like a pogo stick as he gets every inch of dick inside him. Valentin is pleasuring himself with all the dick he needs. Alessio has more in store as he bends Valentin over and gets to work fucking that hot ass doggy style. Valentin is grunting and groaning as Alessio buries that dick into him over and over. He starts to fuck him faster and deeper as his breathing begins to labor. That tight hole does the trick as Alessio pulls ou! t and explodes all over Valentin’s chest and abs. Valentin’s next as he too unloads shooting his own face and chest.

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